Hotwire (Electric deterrent)


The Hotwire bird control system is unlike other bird proofing systems as it doesn’t provide a physical barrier  to deter birds, it modifies their behaviour by touch.

When the bird comes into contact with the track it emits a small electric pulse which then trains and deters the birds from returning to the area.

The control system is effective against all bird species and Hotwire is proven not to harm the birds.

The control system is the perfect answer for use on its own or alongside other bird control measures on difficult to proof areas.

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The advantages of the Hotwire deterrent system are:

– it is the lowest visibility bird control product on the market being virtually invisible, making it the architects choice for visually sensitive areas.

– suitable for all structures as it is flexible and able to bend around tight curves, undulations and corners where other physical barriers are impossible to install.

– reliable service over an extended lifetime, ideal for the changeable NZ weather.

– totally weatherproof, rot proof and U.V. stabilised, using copper strips which are protected by a micro thin conductive plastic cover.