Pest control services.

Our point of difference at MCC Property is that we wont use one solution accross the board. We will provide a site specific plan for your project. We provide a range of pest control services so if you don’t see what you need on this page, just get in touch.

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Pigeon  fouling can cause an unsightly mess on premises of all sizes and these droppings harbor other infestations further extending your pest problem. These secondary infestations pose a serious health risk and if left untreated bacteria and fungus can result in respiratory and intestinal problems as well as the spreading of diseases such as Escherichia Coli (commonly referred to as E coli) and Salmonella.

As bird proofing specialists we can provide a system that suits your needs. We  can help incorporate bird proofing solutions from the design stage or provide you with retrofit options.

We control all species of birds from pigeons and gulls to starlings and sparrows.

Examples of bird proofing

Hot Wire is a NON-LETHAL electric bird deterrent system that is effective against all species, at all population pressures in almost any location over an extended life time. Hot Wire provides a hugely valuable new professional management option alongside traditional bird deterrents such as spikes, bird nets and bird wire – proven not to harm birds.


Hot Wire is a successful deterrent because it doesn’t present a physical barrier. Nor is it a scaring device in the conventional visual or audio sense. Instead, Hot Wire modifies the behaviour of urban birds by touch, deterring them from  roosting or nesting on ledges with a harmless electric shock in just the same way electric fencing manages farm livestock.

  • Hot Wire is a highly effective in deterring all bird species at all infestation population pressures on ledges, edges, parapets, beams and roof peaks.
  • It is the lowest profile bird management system available,  – for meeting challenging architect specifications and protecting visually sensitive locations.
  • Uniquely flexible to bend round undulations, curves and corners – for practical protection of signs, statues and other difficult or impossible to proof sites.
  • avipoint-5-lgHot Wire is a highly specified track consisting of two copper wires sealed with a conductive plastic cover, UV stabilised plastic, purpose built connectors and quality, weatherproof energisers – for reliable service over a long lifetime.

Avipoint Bird Spikes – Bird Spikes are another control method to deter larger birds from roosting (Pigeons,Gulls, etc.).

When used in the appropriate areas, Avipoint spikes are highly effective.

Check out other forms of bird and vermin proofing.



Spiders (including white-tails)

We can provide you with a tailored treatment for spiders (including Whitetails) and flies. Please remember to ask what specials we are running.

White tailWe are fully-qualified pest control operators and can manage all of your pest issues including.

Spiders take up residence on most surfaces causing unsightly webbing which can build up in a matter of days.

White-tails are becoming more of a problem pest in christchurch and we suggest having a full treatment if you are experiencing problems with white tails inside your home.

As the white-tail spider originates from australia it prefers warm locations we have numerous clients who have had white tail spiders dropping from down lights in search of the heat. We always suggest that if you have young children move the bed to one side of the light to avoid them dropping directly into the bed.

Most white-tailed spider bites occur inside the home where the spiders are found in bedding, towels or clothing. White tailed spiders prey on other spiders, removing their food source by having your house treated will not only control them actively but passively aswell.





ilbd7d[1]Flies are not only a nuisance but can create a mess fly dirt build up is usually on windows and cielings.

To control flies we first must determine what species is effecting you and what enviromental solution will work best.

There are  five main species of flys that effect new zealand homes and businesses.

  • Blow flies – Blow flies are large and often brightly coloured. They are attracted to dead animals or recently thawed or uncooked meat. Blow flies cause huge damage to the farming community and our economy causing thousands of death in sheep each year due to fly strike.
  • Cluster flies – Cluster flies lay their eggs in soil usually in rural areas their lavae then burrow into earthworms. Once they have matured they then will seek warm areas such as cieling voids and roof spaces they can range from a few flies to thousands. We suggest having a treatment and carcass removal treatment.
  • Common house flies – Usually found in compost bins and areas where there is rotting vegitation.
  • Lesser house flies – Identifiable as the males will fly in a circular or triangle pattern inside a room. Normal residual control is ineffective as they will not land on a surface. We will usually treat this species with a fly trap or bait station.
  • Vinigar(fruit) flies – Usually found around rotting or over ripe fruit. Also in pubs and restaurants attracted to beer and wine. Removal of over ripe fruit the best way to control them in areas where the cause cannot be removed we can provide an eco-friendly fruit fly trap.


Please contact us to book a technician or to answer any questions you may have.


Rats and Mice

Rats and mice may be small but they can cause big problems at your home or business. In addition to spreading rat1disease and leaving their dropping in your home, rodents are highly destructive.

The teeth in rats are harder than iron, and the jaws can exert pressures of 10,000 pounds per square inch. The gnawing of rats and mice destroys foundations, doors, molding, insulation, plumbing, and sewer lines. They can chew into garbage cans, automobiles, priceless works of art, and nearly any other area or object in and around our homes and businesses. And rats chew wiring. From 5 to 25 percent of all fires of “undetermined origin” are believed to be caused by rats.

If you are hearing noises in your ceiling or notice signs of damage. Please contact us and we can provide you with a priority booking.



Food Safety Compliance

We also can provide your business with a pest management schedule for your food safety programme compliance.

Whats included?

To help with your FSP requirements we will look at what areas are of concern and what measures need to be put in place. We will provide a written report including a pest managment service register, and pest management service agreement.

We provide commercial customers with a professional discreet service that keeps you pest free.

Bird Proofing

We are Christchurch’s bird proofing specialists who can provide your property with a bird proofing and control system.

Pigeons are the most common bird species throughout our towns and cities, however, unbeknownst to many this nuisance bird can actually cause major damage to residential and commercial properties.