Post and Wire

Post  and wire

Post and wire systems involve  drilling into the building fabrication and installing posts.

They can also be installed by using clear adhesive to attach the post into a holding unit which raises the wire systems and provide the support for the horizontal wire and springs.

Post & wire  is for use to protect against pigeons and gulls only and in areas where their presence is light/medium. Culling of pest birds may be required after installation.

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It is ideal for new buildings as it will deter pigeons and other large birds such as gulls from landing. It is almost invisible from ground level and will give years of service and is often specified by architects rather than other products such as spikes.

This system consists of spring tensioned wires that are suspended between posts.

As the pest birds try to land feet first, they encounter the unstable wire and are deterred from trying to roost on the structure.