Bird spikes

Avipoint Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a network of spikes which protrudes from a polycarbonate base.

The spikes work by reducing the area available for birds to land on.

Where possible Avipoint spike are adhered to the surface material using a strong neutral adhesive thus helping prevent the need for drilling.

This is of particular use when the surface material cannot be drilled as with various signage and parapet flashings

The use of the Avipoint Spike system on bird roosting surfaces will force larger varieties of birds, such as seagulls,pigeons and crows to land elsewhere.


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  • Available in three models, AP14 (for use on narrow ledges or pipe work), AP20 & AP32 (for use on larger parapets or ledges).
  • The base is UV light-protected polycarbonate, with breakable sections.
  • The spikes are a heavy-duty 1.4mm in diameter and are made from 302 grade stainless steel, cut flat to prevent injury to both installers and birds.
  • These spikes are moulded into the base for improved durability.
  • Marine grade stainless steel P32 bird spikes are an option.
  • As a guideline, use P32 (32 wires to 33.3cm piece) for gulls and pigeons.

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