Christchurch Hospital

Christchurch Hospital


Christchurch hospital approached MCC to provide a birdproofing solution to an internal courtyard that was populated with pigeons.

The large amount of guano that had accumulated in this courtyard posed a significant health risk to the patients in the surrounding wards.

Also the damage and defacing of the building was compounding along with ongoing maintenance costs.

Previous attempts at proofing had been made including the install of spikes. Spikes are often the “go to” for the majority of people however technicians must be adequetly trained to correctly assign and  install these. In this case pigeons had forced built nests in the spikes making the problem even worse.

50mm black net for pigeon exclustion CHCH hospital courtyard

MCC proposed a  A 50mm x 50mm ACE  net system was agreed on and installed. This fully excluded the pigeons from the area solving maintenance and health worries.

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